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.: welcome to smokers canada

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.: operation smoking gun

Operation Smoking Gun

.: operation get the lead out

Canadians Want their Voices Heard

Canadians are tired of being not heard. Here is a way that you can make your voice heard and your opinion known. Gather up all the empty cigarette packs, cigar packs, cigar bands and pipe tobacco packages you can and mail them to the Minister of Health for Canada at the following address. It's free to mail them to your MP if you prefer, you don't need a stamp.

You could also mail some to your local M.P.P., Provincial Premier and Health Minister. Mail is not free to MPP's and MLA's, you may want to check for your own province and territory as this could vary. They have to hear our voice too!!

If you want you could also inform them why you are doing this drastic measure. In order for the government to listen to the smokers, please put "OPERATION GET THE LEAD OUT" on the package, sign them and put your province on them. If you wish to put your address on them, also request a reply.

Minister's Office-Health Canada,
Brooke Claxton Bldg, Tunneys Pasture,
P.L. 0906C
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9

Attn Tony Clement-Health Minister

We are also strongly encouraging people to write to the Auditor General of Canada and request an audit of all monies paid to the anti-smoking movement and all monies spent on the "denormalization" campaign against smokers in Canada.

Graham Chapman


.: message suggestions

Suggestions for Messages on the Empty Cigarette Packs

I smoke and I vote.

I support Canadian Tobacco Farmers and Workers.

Lower the taxes on cigarettes.

Tell Canadians exactly how much taxation is placed on a package of cigarettes.

Stop funding the Anti-Smoking Movement or give Smokers the same funding to fight back. Level the playing field.

Cigarettes are a legal product, stop promoting the social exclusion of ordinary Canadians who consume them.

Canadian businesses have the right to choose to be smoking or non- smoking.

Stop hurting small business owners in Canada with repressive bans.

Cigarettes do not cause impairment.

My Canada includes Freedom of Choice.

Kiss My Ashtray!!!!!

Ban Banning.

Smokers have the right to be respected and included.

I don't want to live in a Nanny State.

Stop workplace discrimination against smokers.

I am writing the Auditor General to ask for an audit on the monies spent by the government on the Anti-Smoking Denormalization Campaign.

My Canada is free.

Leave our veterans and our military alone. If they would lay down their lives for our country and face harm, they can smoke if they want too. Leave their clubs alone.

Stop creating more divisions in our society. Legislating exclusion sets a dangerous precedent. You are legislating the right to bully, harass, intimidate and humiliate. Leave smokers alone.

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